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landscape's definition.2016-. research project. what is in the realm of real, and what is just another reality? probably we would all answer that landscape is a real more. is it like that? probably not. taking the Lacan distinction in between real and reality, and understanding the real as the unpredictable conditions of our existence, such as the atmosphere, the physical world (crust, mantle, etc) and death, what is the landscape that we perceive? impossible cities.2016-. research project. the concept started trying to find a way to express how Europe acted in front of the refugees, promising them life and giving them emptiness. from this concern was born the concept of impossible cities, in order to find the limit in between our idea of home (worldwide shared) and the undefined landscape. when we don't have anything else, we can just cohabit the landscape, till we can define a space where we can fulfill of our infranormality, to be again at home. domestic silva.2016-. is a research project to study the symbiosis in between plants and the domestic environment, blurring the limits of the traditional concepts of architecture and landscape. the house as a productive landscape. symbiosis of articulated elements.2016. is an autopublished book in order to explain the main concept of lafloristeria. the book is divided in three chapters, 'relats', artifacts and intersections, explaining how the studio faces the different concepts.
'jo'.2016 (Girona temps de flors)is an artistical installation that was temporary placed in Girona during the festival 'temps de flors'. the proposal works with vagabond plants, blossomed during may and planted inside abandoned recipients, commonly considered waste. a walk around them till reaching the 'shower' as a critical tour of our own presence, from us among others, to oneself in front of others. <κρίσις>, krisis garden pavilion. 2015-. is a research with the aim to find a simple system to interact with the exterior environment. ideally placed in the forest, the pavilion offers a temporary refuge for the visitors protecting them against the climatic conditions and let them enjoy the reaction in between the system and the environment. disruptive landscape.2015. the aim of the project was to build a curtain for a big window in the staircase of a family house. the curtain wanted to disguise some visual connections in between inside and outside, while keeping the view of the general surroundings. beans' house + parasite terrace. 2015. an agrarian warehouse situated in front of a vaste vegetable garden. it was rehabilitated to become the home for a single person, but flexible enough to grow up for a future family, thus the appearance of the parasite terrace.
domusae, where muses live. 2013.(mfp*).the project consisted on the rehabilitation of the railway viaduct (the train was supposed to pass through an underground tunnel, due to the economical crisis the project was stopped). the structure was used to connect the city from north to south, equipped with several connections in between the ground floor and the viaduct and a new tramway. one of the main concepts was doing the minimum in order to let people take over the space, and let the culture flow. a new urban organism where muses can live. displaced landscapes. 2015. /recipes for /is a temporary intervention in Abrantes, Portugal, during 180 Creative Camp (Canal 180). it was developed in the drugstore 'Drogaria Nova' with the aim to create three different landscapes displacing common objects of portuguese drugstores. the three interventions were placed inside the cupboards and were accompained, each one, with a postcard with the real landscape and the receipe of how to build the displaced ones. 16:38.2015. the aim of the project was to build a curtain for a big window in the staircase of a family house. the curtain wanted to disguise some visual connections in between inside and outside, while keeping the view of the general surroundings. 'hay perros sueltos' 2012. analogic photography. the spanish government wanted to develop an extensive area of casinos and resorts in this location, against the main opinion. these set of postcards, joined together, want to express an ironic view of the speculators, becoming a poetical reivindication.
'sueño de ferrocarril transfronterizo'. 2011.this series of photos tries to reflect the landscape of a border, just before high advanced technological systems were applied to control migrations. despite it is a non physical border, the consequences of it are still remaining in the idiosyncrasy, drawing a particular landscape from the in between, where the history still remains in the collective memory as well as some ruins, converted today in a tribute for those hwho know the history of suffer behind them.
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